David Tirpak

David's dog training story started almost 7 years ago when he got his very first dog Vera.  As someone who has never had dogs growing up and didn't really know what he was doing with one, the first logical step seemed like finding a dog trainer to learn everything he could from.  After working with three different dog trainers and working under another for over two years he started to realize that there was a huge hole in the dog training world for TRUE behavioral rehabilitation.

Shortly after David started Heights Canine Dog Training and proceeded to spend the next three years traveling the country to meet other world renowned dog trainers and dedicated himself to creating dog training programs geared towards helping the everyday dog owner to be successful long term with dogs that have more serious behavioral issues. In those three years David helped to build Heights Canine into a thriving business with three locations across Ohio gaining national recognition for the work they were doing.

In January of 2019 David left the company to scale back and get back to what he loves doing.  Training dogs.  Thats when he formed Miracle K9 Training.  He now spends his time training dogs, owners, and other aspiring trainers across the country.

Tayler Allen

Tayler has been working together with owner David for almost three years now.  Tayler started out working as a kennel tech, handling dogs and learning all about the facility and how it ran before she quickly realized that she had a knack for working with and training dogs.  Tayler quickly picked up the ropes and has been training board and trains, conducting private lessons with clients, and is the main point of contact for clients while their dog is staying with us.

Christa Cassis

Christa joined David and the team almost a year ago after meeting David at another dog trainer's training center in Albany, NY.  Christa has an extensive background in working with dogs in many disciplines.

Christa started out as a dog walker, boarder, and basic obedience trainer in her hometown of Pasadena, CA.  After seeing a trainer position open up with Thomas J Davis in Albany, NY she decided to pack her bags and travel there to continue learning as much as possible. & While there she got connected with other well known trainers across the country and even got to travel back to California to study with globally known competitive obedience trainer Michael Ellis.

After meeting David in Albany she decided to again make the move to Cleveland to begin learning more about working with Aggression and other major behavioral issues.


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