Mary Berry

I am an avid trail runner and I adopted a beautiful trail running dog partner a year ago. I was referred to David by One of a Kind Pets after I rescued my new girl, Penny, from there. Penny is a 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Golden Retriever mix. She is so smart and transitioned into our family easily. She knew many commands already, however, she came to us with high, nearly unmanageable, dog reactivity issues and after a year with two other reputable trainers and no progress (in fact, I think she got worse), I decided to go to David and enrolled Penny in a 3 week board and train. Prior to her training she lunged, barked at, and aggresively tried to get at other dogs. She pulled me over in several situations. 

While with David, they worked on new obedience commands and her dog reactivity. Penny is like a new girl. She is gaining confidence every single day. We practice her obedience everyday... just in regular living and we can pass any dog with ease and confidence now. I can take Penny into any situation and have control. We pass other dogs on trails, on walks, and in public settings with no problems. 

It is not easy to leave your dog with a trainer for a month. I missed her so much. HOWEVER, now we have another 10+ years together with no dog aggression and a huge bank of reliable commands. The more training a dog has, the more peace comes into the relationship. I highly recommend David and his company.

Heidi Siegel

It is hard to put into words how truly thankful we are for the work they have done with our Basset Hound, Dobbs. Our main concerns were excitability, play biting & jumping, as we have two young daughters. Not only were these behaviors corrected, but he also has a better understanding & respect for basic obedience commands in general. We have been telling everyone how much Heights has helped us incorporate Dobbs into more of our daily activities, and our kids are thrilled to have a calmer, gentler playmate. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to David & the rest of the staff for giving us the tools needed for a dog we can take anywhere. We appreciate you all & the countless hours you dedicate to helping our canine friends. You guys are the best!


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